Dynasty Siam Chrismira


Chocolate Point Siamese
CFA Registered

Dynasty Siam Chrismira is her show name, at home we call her Lady Godiva, as she is the most elegant and sofisticated Siamese we've had. She has that Royal look and exquisit bright blue eyes that you instantly get drawn to. She has a very sweet and loving disposition that conqured our hearts. Our boy Jack Daniels fpgll in love with her the minute she met her.

Chrismira is a wonderful caring mother and passes on her kittens extremely loving and affectionate personality.

Ch. Gotier A. Doris Jazz Baby

Chocolate Point Siamese

CFA and CFF registered

CFF Champion

Jazzy is very sweet, gentle and loving yet very playful, funny and mischievous. She has a very melodical singing voice and she like to use it in her songs when she wants to express oh how she loves us!

Jazzy has a special pedigree that is an excellent blend of American, British and New Zealand lines. She will add a clean and sturdy blood line with a total outcross to our program that will enrich and diversify our gene pool. Jazzy's father Piquet is a sweet natured and sturdy cat who exudes vigor. Her Mother Minuette represents 13 imported Siamese cats. Her paternal grandsire is the NZ import cat: Ch. Monpelier Horseguards Parade of Gotier. He represents several Azuli imported cats from Australia. Doris also represents two old Chamrone imported cats from England. All blended with old American Singa and Diece lines as well as Perdu, Katsura and Gotier lines. A nicely outcrossed cat who will blend well in our program given the pronounced genetic balance and variety Jazzy represents.

Pass The Kuhula


Seal Point Siamese

Kuhula is our seal point the most traditional girl. She is delicate and sweet and a wonderful mother. We love her very much. She brought us a lot of wonderful kittens.

Kuhula will be retiring soon.